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International Q & A

    Is ALA open for on campus classes due to COVID-19?
  • At this time we are currently using a hybrid approach. We are offering on campus classes as well as online for any students unable to be on our campus. It is our encouragement that students attend classes in person if possible.
    What if my visa interview or travel is delayed due to COVID-19?
  • Our international staff will work with you to make adjustments to your arrival time as necessary. If your visa interview or travel is delayed due to COVID-19, please contact our staff at and we will make adjustments as needed.
    When can I apply for the 2021-22 school year?
  • Applications are currently being accepted. Please send your application as soon as possible. Spaces for international students are limited. 
    Does ALA accept students in January for the second semester?
  • ALA accepts students for second semester if there is space available in the international program. Contact for more information.
    How many international students are at Arizona Lutheran Academy?
  • There are currently 11 international students enrolled at Arizona Lutheran Academy for the 2020-21 school year. We have students from China, Vietnam, Germany and Italy.
    I've heard that Phoenix, Arizona is in a desert. Isn't it too hot to send my child to school there?
  • Phoenix is located in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. The summers are very hot, however all buildings and homes are fully air-conditioned and are kept at a very comfortable, cool temperature. The weather will be hot in August and September at the start of the school year, but begins to cool off in October. During the rest of the school year, the temperatures are very comfortable!
    Do international students live in a dorm or with a host family?
  • All international students at ALA live with a carefully selected host family. This gives our international students greater opportunities to practice their English and learn more about American culture. Your host family will provide a comfortable place for you to stay and study. They will also provide your meals and transportation to and from ALA. Being a part of an American family is one of the great parts about being an international student at ALA!
    Do ALA students wear uniforms to school?
  • No, students at ALA are not required to wear uniforms to school. There is a dress code that must be followed, but most students wear nice shorts or jeans and shirts to school.